Cebu’s Hidden Treasure: Kabang Falls

I am glad that despite all the “developments” happening around us, a place like this still remains. A pocket of beauty in a world that slowly turns into a sea of concrete and steel.

Safely hidden in a forest most people didn’t know exist, is a world that is so different you wouldn’t believe you are still in the city. When I see places like this, unmarred by industrial development, I can see hope. Perhaps, we may still be able to preserve something for our future generation. Perhaps our children will still experience nature as it actually is instead of the commercially developed “adventures” nature parks offer.


Reminds me of LOTR. I half expect an elf to appear.

Reminds me of LOTR. I half expect an elf to appear.





I tried to put into writing the feeling of being there and experiencing all of it. I’m afraid words fail me. Perhaps you would like to visit the place instead and experience it for yourself.

Flashback: Mambucal Edition

I don’t know what Facebook is trying to say but I’ve been seeing reposts of posts liked or commented years and years ago. Browsing through, I found some albums that I uploaded before. Here are some photos I took before. All these were taken using my Kodak MD30 digital camera sometime in February of 2011 at Mambucal Resort, Murcia, Negros Occidental.

A man-made lake at the center of the resort.

A man-made lake at the center of the resort.



The second falls, Mambucal Resorts. *via MD30*

The second falls, Mambucal Resorts.
*via MD30*

The resort is around 45mins to an hour from Bacolod city via passenger jeepneys that acts like mini buses. Mambucal is a highland resort with 7 majestic falls to boast of. It’s a good place for people who likes to go on a hike. If you do however, be prepared for the trail. It is steep and sometimes slippery. You can do it in one morning actually as it is not very far.

If you don’t like hiking or not a fan of waterfalls, the resort also has swimming pools; one regular and one hot spring. You can also walk around the resort and see the sulfur pools, the butterfly farm or the beautiful flowers displayed along the way. In the late afternoons, you can go bat watching if you are into that sort of thing.

When I was living in Bacolod, I used to go there for my restday hikes. The view alone on the way to the resort is enough to clear my mind. 🙂

The Travel Bug


There are a lot of places I want to go to. I just can’t get enough vacation leaves to go. I have been to many places which amazes me when I look back and think of it.

This year I plan to go to Albay and see the famous Mt. Mayon. Then, I will visit Camiguin and the sunken cemetery. After that, Cagayan and Bukidnon. Then, it’s time again to plan for my birthday trip. I wonder where will I go again next year. My plan is to travel with my brother. But where?

I wish I have more than 15days of vacation leaves. I wish money is not an issue and I can just go whenever I want without worrying about the cost. Well, reality is I only get 15 days a year for vacations and I need to save up so I can travel. That is why I envy travel bloggers. Imagine going to those awesome places and be paid to do it? Awesome!

Well, probably someday. For now I have to be content with what life has to offer me. I may not have disposable cash I can just throw around but I am still living a happy life. I don’t have everything I want but I am blessed to have everything I need. I guess this is more than enough.

Where My Heart Is

I’m not a city girl and will probably never be one. This is something I have always known. The city and I coexist to benefit each other but ours is a relationship that will never get past the friendzone. Just friends with benefits, so they say.

My heart belongs to the mountain. It belongs to every slope, rock and hill that I must overcome to get to the top.

I am not a mountaineer though I wish I have the stamina and strength to be one. I grew up with asthma and so my physical activities has always been limited. The mountain represents a lot of things for me. It stands for the many things I wish I could do; run marathons, climb the highest mountains, etc. It represents the challenge that I must face in my life.

The trek is always difficult but I like pushing myself. The long hours under the sun and the pain in my legs are worth it once I get to the end of the trek.

When you get to the top and you look back to the trail behind you, you feel a sudden rush. All the difficult trails and the pain of climbing up and down the slopes disappear when you get there. The sense of accomplishment is something that no amount of money could buy. The feeling that you accomplished something by force of will, it is empowering.

I am cursed to live in a city and slave behind a computer. When I look out the window every day I see the mountains beckoning to me, calling me to explore. Every day the mountain calls for me and everyday I pretend not to hear its call. But some days, some days I just can’t ignore it and this happens…

Osmena Peak

Osmena Peak

The Chill Life @ Cafe Caw

May 18, 2014 started the same way normal day starts. There was nothing in the air or the rare cloud in the sky to indicate that bizarre things are about to happen. For one, it was a Sunday and the only thing remotely entertaining that happens on a Sunday is church service. Everything was going as normal as expected until my friend came out of her bedroom, joined me for breakfast, hatched a plan to travel in the next few months and convinced me to go out and try these cafes she’s heard of.

So we spent two hours sipping frapuccino at Cafe Tiala when I remembered that I did plan to go to Fort San Pedro to try and take photos. We decided to go there, not thinking it was midday and spent at least an hour doing our best not to faint from the sweltering summer heat. I don’t know where you are but summer here is unforgiving. When we can no longer take it, we decided to look for this Cafe Namu (not sure how it’s spelt) which she said was in Lahug. We didn’tfind it but what we did find is Cafe Caw and its Mac N’ Cheese burger that I would brave the heat for.

Where the magic happens!

Where the magic happens!

Unlike Cafe Tiala with its princess-themed rooms, Cafe Caw has more of a chic look to it. Its mismatched chairs and living room look makes it feel cozy and comfortable. While Cafe Tiala brings out the child in every girl, Cafe Caw brings out the woman in every child. Or at least that is how it felt. They have the urban, artsy kind of feel suited for their mostly young adult clientel.

It doesn’t hurt that their food is so good. Their fries alone is enough to entice me to go back. Add their Mac n’ Cheese and I’m in love.

Heaven on a plate.

Heaven on a plate.



Having spent the whole morning with a Frap, we choose these cold drinks instead…

Cotton candy

Cotton candy

My friend ordered this and i don’t know what this is.

My friend ordered this and i don’t know what this is.

We spent at least over 2hrs sitting there, talking, laughing, enjoying the music and basically just chilling. We spend sleepless nights working, I think we deserve that break.

Who would have thought that a normal boring Sunday would turn out like this? We practically spent the whole day outside, battling the heat, literally hopping from one cafe to another. Oh, did I also mention that we capped the day by going to Tops Skyline and enjoyed this view:

So, how did you spend your weekend?


Sunset, something so beautiful yet so sad.

Sunset, something so beautiful yet so sad.

For as long as I can remember, sunset has always been the loneliest part of my existence. It is something I always dread and yet it is also something I look forward to. I find it really hard to explain how I feel about this because I also don’t understand it.

When I was younger, I find myself dreading this time of the day. It always gives me a heavy heart, it makes me feel like I am regretting something. Even now, I can still feel it from time to time.

These days, I don’t think much of sunsets. There will always be a sunset and that is something I have to live with for as long as I am alive…but for every sunset, there is also a sunrise and every sunrise is worth a hundred folds of happiness to me. So i will bear the sunsets of my life because I know that after a long night, the sun will rise and i will be happy again.