Weekend Nature Escapade

I spent the weekend chasing waterfalls with my friend. Here are some shots from our escapade.

All photos were taken using my Samsung S5 phone. 🙂


A scene right out of Middle Earth.


Magnificent Dau!


Aguinid Falls


Inambakan Falls


Across the sea lies the place where my heart truly resides.

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


Happy Easter!

I am not particularly fond of flowers but I do like taking photos of them. Flowers are probably one of the most beautiful things to photograph in the world. Even a simple roadside flower can be so beautiful and captivating.


Life and Death. (No filter)





All photos taken in Baguio via Samsung S5.

Cebu’s Hidden Treasure: Kabang Falls

I am glad that despite all the “developments” happening around us, a place like this still remains. A pocket of beauty in a world that slowly turns into a sea of concrete and steel.

Safely hidden in a forest most people didn’t know exist, is a world that is so different you wouldn’t believe you are still in the city. When I see places like this, unmarred by industrial development, I can see hope. Perhaps, we may still be able to preserve something for our future generation. Perhaps our children will still experience nature as it actually is instead of the commercially developed “adventures” nature parks offer.


Reminds me of LOTR. I half expect an elf to appear.

Reminds me of LOTR. I half expect an elf to appear.





I tried to put into writing the feeling of being there and experiencing all of it. I’m afraid words fail me. Perhaps you would like to visit the place instead and experience it for yourself.

Flashback: Mambucal Edition

I don’t know what Facebook is trying to say but I’ve been seeing reposts of posts liked or commented years and years ago. Browsing through, I found some albums that I uploaded before. Here are some photos I took before. All these were taken using my Kodak MD30 digital camera sometime in February of 2011 at Mambucal Resort, Murcia, Negros Occidental.

A man-made lake at the center of the resort.

A man-made lake at the center of the resort.



The second falls, Mambucal Resorts. *via MD30*

The second falls, Mambucal Resorts.
*via MD30*

The resort is around 45mins to an hour from Bacolod city via passenger jeepneys that acts like mini buses. Mambucal is a highland resort with 7 majestic falls to boast of. It’s a good place for people who likes to go on a hike. If you do however, be prepared for the trail. It is steep and sometimes slippery. You can do it in one morning actually as it is not very far.

If you don’t like hiking or not a fan of waterfalls, the resort also has swimming pools; one regular and one hot spring. You can also walk around the resort and see the sulfur pools, the butterfly farm or the beautiful flowers displayed along the way. In the late afternoons, you can go bat watching if you are into that sort of thing.

When I was living in Bacolod, I used to go there for my restday hikes. The view alone on the way to the resort is enough to clear my mind. 🙂