Cebu’s Hidden Treasure: Kabang Falls

I am glad that despite all the “developments” happening around us, a place like this still remains. A pocket of beauty in a world that slowly turns into a sea of concrete and steel.

Safely hidden in a forest most people didn’t know exist, is a world that is so different you wouldn’t believe you are still in the city. When I see places like this, unmarred by industrial development, I can see hope. Perhaps, we may still be able to preserve something for our future generation. Perhaps our children will still experience nature as it actually is instead of the commercially developed “adventures” nature parks offer.


Reminds me of LOTR. I half expect an elf to appear.

Reminds me of LOTR. I half expect an elf to appear.





I tried to put into writing the feeling of being there and experiencing all of it. I’m afraid words fail me. Perhaps you would like to visit the place instead and experience it for yourself.