Temple of Leah: A Monument of Love

Often when someone tells you they will build you a castle as a symbol of their undying love, they do not mean that literally. Well, here in Cebu, someone did just that. He didn’t build a castle for his one true love, he built her a temple.

I have often been skeptical about undying love. I have always questioned the possibility of loving someone forever. Well, seeing the scale and grandeur of the Temple of Leah made me think that maybe, just maybe, there really is such a thing as forever.


With its greek-inspired architecture and intricate designs, the whole place looked like a movie set. It makes you momentarily forget you’re still in the Philippines. When I visited the place, a large part is still under construction but it already looked timeless.



What a way to show your love! When you see the magnificent view, the sculptures and the artistic design of the place, you can’t help but be amazed.

Imagine the time, effort and money it took to build this temple of love? The goddesses of Olympus must be jealous.

Here’s a sampling:







So next time you visit Cebu City, don’t forget to visit this place. See it for yourself!

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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