Forever Alone Boat






Found this boat anchored along the shores of Portofino Beach Resort in Lapu-Lapu City.





Dagkot is a visayan term which refers to (as i understand it) the act of lighting candles and offering a prayer. Churches all over the country has a special place where devotees can light a candle and share a moment with God.

This photo here was taken at The Basilica del Santo Nino in Cebu City. This place is one of the most famous and visited site in the city. Devotees from all over the country usually flock here especially during the Sinulog Festival which is held every 3rd Sunday of January.

If I recall it correctly, the image of the Santo Nino which is currently encased in a glass case and adorned with a magnificent robe is a piece of history. According to legend (I’ll call it legend since I only heard this and I am not sure if this is the real version of the story), the current site of the church burned to the ground more than a hundred years ago and the Santo Nino survived without a scratch. The image is believed to be miraculous. It is also very very old since it came to the country together with the first Spaniards who set foot in this country.

Anyway, if you ever get to visit Cebu City this is one place you should not miss.

The Mountains— again.

I guess you may have noticed by now how much I love going to the mountains. Well, 2 days ago my friends and I went to Patag in Silay City and here are some of our photos.


Patag Silay

Mount Patag...I think No, we did not climb that mountain. No, we did not do any outdoorsy stuff other than the short hike from the old hospital to the resort where we stayed for a few hours. We did, however, dipped in their pool and ate native chicken tinola which is probably one of the dishes ever created.

Rock Royalty Fest

I never liked taking photos during events because I don’t know how to take photos of people. I can never get the photo to turn out the way I want it. I can never capture images as good as what I want it to be.

Then again, you will never develop if you don’t practice right? It has been a long time since I last used my camera and to be honest I’m having a hard time with the settings. So, last night when we went out to watch the Tanduay Rock Royalty Fest ( a concert featuring the five best rock bands in the country), I decided to bring my camera along and take photos.

Memory keepsakes aside, I want to try and get photos of people and events as a practice. I got a lot of photos which can now be found in my Facebook page and I want to share some of the photos I liked the most. Hope you like them too.

And don’t forget… if you have any suggestions for me so I can be better, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Here you go…
Rico in the House yo!

Sound Check

Guitar Girl

The Man and His Guitar

Rock Royalty

I know right! They look like fan girl photos. ^___^ If you’re a fan, you may check out some more photos via my instagram account. Just look for “iamfroglet”.

Have a great December everyone!