a breath of fresh air

green fields. natural breeze. blue skies. fresh air. some things technology can never replace.

a breath of fresh air.

I always prefer simple country living than the city life. I love the laid back, easy-going lifestyle in the province. In the city, everyone seemed to be always in a hurry, time seemed so fast and a day doesn’t seem to be enough for everything you have to do.

I love looking at the fields, the mountains and the clear skies. I love the way the sky seemed to kiss the earth. I love how the clouds float in the sky, changing shapes as they go by. I love how the beauty and simplicity of nature inspire me.

I love the coldness of the morning. I love the soft breeze of the afternoons. I love the dew drops. I love the sound of crickets singing at dusk. I love everything that nature has to offer.

But I am doomed to live in the city. I have to work and earn. I have to prepare for the future which I may not even see. So I say goodbye to the mountains, to the trees, the lovely breeze and to everything I loved. In due time, I will see you again.

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From a distance

From a distance

This is the port of Dumaguete (with Mt. Talinis, highest peak in the province, as background) from a distance.Taken as the Ocean jet was leaving the port.

I know I got a better photo than this one but I just can’t find it. The view is also great at night with the lights of the boulevard in sight. Unfortunately though, I was already dead tired on our way back and I fell asleep so I was not able to take any photos of it.

If ever you visit the Philippines, you should really make it a point to visit Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. You will never regret it.

(you may also catch me at: Aian-ism: A diary of everything that [doesn’t] make sense.)