Deliciously Filipino

We Filipinos love delicious food. Every island in the country have its own delicacy perfected through the years.

These food here are unfortunately not those delicacies but they sure taste great!






Well, if you guys happen to visit Negros Occidental, take the time to visit Balaring, Silay City. Their menu is mouthwatering and there are a lot of restaurants to choose from.


Cooling off

Me and my friends had a brunch today in one of the most famous seaside restaurants in the province and while we are enjoying our food, i saw this kid with his friends also enjoying the water.

With the scorching summer sun? I find myself wishing I am swimming with them

Like white fluffy pillows


I love watching clouds. When I was young I’d spend a whole day staring at it, amazed by the different shapes it forms.

I remembered summer days with skies so blue and clouds so white and fluffy. I remembered seeing animals, faces and all sorts of funny shapes. With everyone in our house busy, staring at the clouds kept me out of everyones way.

That was then. I still love staring at clouds. I can still see the amazing shapes it creates. But life is not that carefree anymore.