The Boulevard Kids

[Note: I know the picture is a bit confusing but i was actually aiming for the kids when i took that photo]

They’re old enough to be in school but too young to be peddling in the middle of the night.

I remembered when I was in college, there are a lot of kids at the boulevard peddling peanuts or singing to people in exchange for money. Some, apparently not inclined to do either prefers the old fashioned begging.

Most of them don’t go to school. They peddle there day in and day out for food. Some of the kids work as motorcycle guards or washes cars.

I really pity these kids knowing that their parents are not exactly invalids but are simply too lazy to work and instead sends their kids at the boulevard so they can have money for gambling. This is not an assumption by the way. We did talk to these kids before when I was still a journalism student in Dumaguete.

The Boulevard, with all its calm facade and beauty is not exactly the best place for a child at night. Prostitution, drugs and a lot of illegal things happen at the boulevard and around it. These kids are too young to be exposed to these things.

Yet, there they are every day and every night. What kind future awaits them? I wonder.


A different world

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like a ghost town

i find empty playgrounds eerie. like a scene from a horror movie where everything is so silent and then suddenly someone grabs you and starts chomping you alive.

i noticed though, as years pass by i find more and more playgrounds empty. i see less children playing on these playgrounds and more children in internet cafes playing online games or in their homes watching television.

i guess the new generation (gosh, i feel so old saying this) has been exposed to too much technology. will they discover the magic of making friends in the playground? or the challenge of climbing the monkey bars? probably.


As a newbie, I have encountered a lot of challenges in photography. Skills and styles aside, there are some things I’m having difficulties with.

1. Taking photos of people.

I always want to take photos of people. You know, candid shots that would capture their emotions and tell a story to the world. I know what exactly what I want to get but there are some things that bother me.

* Privacy. I do not want to intrude to anyone’s privacy. which is why i seldom photograph people. I feel guilty taking someone’s photo without their consent. However, asking for permission would ruin the whole concept.

* I don’t know the right technique. I mean, no matter how much I try, i could not capture the thing that I want to capture on a person’s face. Especially when I use colored photography, the scene looks staged and cheap.

2. Colored Photography.

As I’ve said, I am not good with taking photos in color. That is why I usually take photos of people or things in black and white or sepia. I guess BW and Sepia gives beauty to something that would otherwise look bad in colored (as is the case in most of my photos).

I do, however, really want to learn how to take good photographs in colors. I want to capture the beauty of the world in all its vibrant colors. Then again, I can only attempt to capture the beauty of things I find fascinating.

3. Settings

One very important thing that every photographer should know is the settings of the camera. That I know for a fact. I have this problem though. I cannot seem to remember what settings is for what scene and so on.

Is there anyway to actually remember them easily?

I always experiment with my camera and tweak the settings to see what happens. I always end up ruining the photos though as I often forget how to change them back.

The things I know about photography is as big as a pea. probably less. But I am willing to learn more. =D


travelling Filipino style.

A horse-drawn carriage, the kalesa is not common in the Philippines although every Filipino knows what it is. It is especially popular for tourists visiting Manila but can also be found in some places in the country.

This one here, for example, is found in Dumaguete City. There are about two or three of these in the city and can be usually found along the Rizal Boulevard.

Although not exactly the best way to travel around the city, it gives you the chance to experience the city in a different way.

We all wear a Mask

taken using my Kodak MD30 @ Panaad Park April 2011.

Regardless of who we are and what we think we are, we all have masks. At some point, we all pretended to be other than what we are. It may not necessarily be pretending to be the princess of a faraway kingdom.

Most of us wears a mask of happiness. We show the world how happy we are when deep inside we are in pain. We laugh and joke and everyone thinks we’re okay but most of them do not see the tears behind the mask.