Cups and friendship


hot chocolates as warm as our friendship.

This is my first post using my xperia and i’m not sure how this will turn out. Let’s hope for the best. 😀


My Happy Place

My element is earth— if you believe in these things. Regardless though, I consider myself a daughter of the earth.

I like cities with all its conveniences and available technology but the mountains will always be my happy place. I love the smell of the earth after the rain. I love hearing the rustling of leaves and the feeling the wind kissing my face.

In the mountains, I feel free and strong. In the mountains, I feel alive.

Lucky shot: Fireworks

This was actually taken last January. Apparently, some of our neighbors have leftover fireworks from the New Year’s celebration. I did not mind it at first because I thought it was just the regular firecrackers that I was hearing and really regretted it.

I went out to throw the garbage and I saw the fireworks so I hurriedly ran inside and grabbed my camera. I was worried that my camera did not get anything because I just clicked the shutter without really thinking about angles or anything. I just really wanted to capture the light.

Well, the photo above is how it turned out. And mind you, that was the last part of the fireworks that I got. The neighbors stopped right after I took this one. Got lucky I guess.


The Thing I Love about GE X500

I love the GEX500. true, it is not the best camera there is and there are a lot better. But for a beginner and a real amateur like me, the X500 has features that I greatly appreciate.

Foremost is the 15x optical zoom. [although I did see a Kodak bridge camera with 21x and i did found myself wishing I found it sooner–still].

Here are some zoomed in shots taken with GE X500.

This plane photo was taken from the Ruins and commercial planes fly low in that area in preparation for landing.

and here’s another one:

This one was taken at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City last January. That photo was [i don’t know what that is called really–decorative probably!] taken from the pond at the left side of the Melchor hall. That’s on top of the building and really far from where we were standing.

One disadvantage though, the photo of course looks a bit grainy because it’s zoomed in. I just hope you can still see it clearly.