night light

This photo of SM City-Bacolod was taken from the top of Pope John Paul II tower. I was trying to use the soft shutter for the camera but I don’t know how to do it so this is how it turned out.


zooming in.

We went to Mambukal Highland Resort the other day and chanced upon these bats roosting in one of the trees. They were way up high that you can hardly recognize them as bats unless you’ve been there before and you know that those black things are not leaves but bats [that may occasionally pee on you].

I am using a GE X500 camera, which is a point and shoot camera only but it luckily has a 15x optical zoom so I was able to get a photo of these bats.

I tried to get a photo of them in flight as well but they were so fast that I was only able to get this. =(

Lights @ The Ruins

I am not good with colored photography especially if it involves lights. I am practicing on it though I mostly prefer taking photos in sepia, BW or vivid. I have very shaky hands and taking photos of lights does not always turns out right. Plus, I also don’t know which setting in my camera to actually use to capture the beauty of those lights.

Any tips?